7th International Athletic meet

'We never lose, either we win or we learn', with this thought in mind MSB Bangalore geared up to show their mettle in the 7th MSB International Athletic Meet, in Banswara. What started as a difficult task was gradually achieved with grit, determination and strenuous training by the physical education teacher, sports manager and coaches.

A typical day for our energetic athletes would start with a warm up session followed by rigorous and supervised training by the professionals. A stringent check was kept on the improvement of their performance, in additional to this they were given opportunities to participate with other schools for the different sports events both on zonal and taluk levels (Prime Sports, Star Athletics, and BUDDA).

After five months of hard work, they finally boarded the train for the Battle Ground.  Before the journey could advance we received the Bushra of Maulana's Qudum Mubarak to Bangalore and it was a harbinger of the upcoming victorious days. The children were in high spirits, even though they were without their gadgets, enjoying the moments- the long train journey, the ziyarat of nine Duat MutlaqeenRA in Ahmedabad, the serenity and peaceful surrounding of the Mazaar of Syedi Fakhruddin ShaheedRA.

The Meet Commenced with the Darees in Presence of Mazoon ud Dawat , Syedi Aliasger Bhaisaheb DM. The bayaan Of Maulana TUS rekindled the spirit of sportsmanship within us and we could hardly wait to showcase our performance.

Finally the D Day arrived; it started with the team events, Volleyball for the Boys’ team and Throw Ball for the Girls. The day went by with anticipation of us knowing where we stood in the performance chart. The evening relaxed us with the cool weather and colourful and glitzy performances by the toddlers of the host school.

On the second day Team Bangalore raised the bar of the competition with an immaculate march past.

The third day witnessed mesmerizing display by the band boys. The band’s innovation and exceptional performance was appreciated by one and all.

Team Bangalore proved its mettle in the track and field events breathtaking performances by our star athletes who gave their competitors tough time and brought us accolades of gold, silver, bronze and trophies too.

We headed back home with springs in our steps and heads held high, with lessons learnt – no matter what the hurdles be, even if we are  knocked down with bleeding foot and pulled hamstrings, we will still get up, brush of the dust and will finish the last lap.