Animated movie on Nuclear Power

MSB Bangalore was fortunate enough to join hands with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and the Times NIE to reach out to students through an animated movie and edify them about the advantages of nuclear power. NPCIL is an organisation working to develop nuclear power technology and produce nuclear power as a safe and economically viable source of electrical energy. 

The animated movie was screened in the school for students of Secondary section. . The central character Budhiya, who is full of doubts through his discussions communicated to students  about what  nuclear energy is, untangled  the wrong notions that people have about nuclear power and emphasized the  wide range of advantages that nuclear power can have. The highlight of the movie was a virtual tour of the nuclear power plant detailing how nuclear energy is generated. Students were enthralled to know about the high tech mechanism that goes in the production of nuclear energy.
The educative documentary gave students an understanding about the process of generation of nuclear energy and a positive approach to not only adopt but also spread a word about this unconventional but efficient form of energy.