Annual Health Checkup

Event:  'School Health Check-upprogram

Class : Nursery to X

Date:  5th, 6th and 11th November 2019.

Time: full day

Venue:  MSB Educational Institute


  • Promotion of health and well being of students.
  • Builds students' knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes about health
  • Early detection and care of students with health problems.
  • Prevention of illness.
  • Suggesting measures/ medicines for better health. 

A “Healthy” body in a “Healthy” mind. MSB Bangalore in accordance with the Khushi of Aqa Maula TUS endeavors to nurture its students to develop their optimal capacities physically and mentally. Keeping that vision in mind, an extensive health check-up of all its students was   conducted at the school campus by a team of Doctors from Fakhri Medicals. The check-up included the Eye, Dental and a general examination. Individual report of each child was given to the parents on the open day to help them in understanding the health of their child and take necessary actions.