Aqa Maula (TUS) Tashreef Awri

It was a dream come true for all the Banglorians to witness Aali Qadr Muffaddal Moula (TUS) in our Garden City. Each and each and every mumin has lived this dream to the brim for 13 days, gaining Barakaat and Saadaat in loads and tons.

In this historical and most exquisite trip of our beloved Aqa Moula the most fortunate were the children of MSB Educational Institute, Bangalore as along with the other benediction they received throughout the safar mubarak our children were absolutely blessed to showcase their talent in front of Aqa Moula in various ways and gain His  valuable Nazar and most treasured Dua Mubarak. We may fall short of words to list the endless priceless magnanimous  achievements

  • Students got sharaf of sitting in front of Aqa Moula (TUS) Takhat Mubarak in waaz Mubarak of Moulatona Fatema(AS)
  • Students got sharaf Mubarak of reciting Madeh in every Bethak of Aqa Moula (TUS)
  • Students of Pre-First and First got Sharaf of Quran Shuru and a life time achievement was Moulana (TUS) took a picture amongst all the kids
  • Students were privileged to showcase their talent in front of Aqa Moula everyday morning and evening in Haveli Mubarak and Aqa Moula (TUS) would see each and every child with the prop.
  • The most successful triumph was that added wings to our dreams and made the MSBIANS soar beyond the sky with all pride was to witness Aqa Moula Himself at Madrasa. It just doesn’t end here , the most unbelievable accomplishment each and every child life time attainment was they get to perform in front of Aqa Maula.
  • We got the sharaf of Aqa Maula's Tauqee Mubarak on the vision and flag hoisting on Republic Day.
  • The mesmerizing band display by our band boys would always be appealing to the ears of our Aqa Moula (tus) and they even got frequent chances to exhibit their performance.

This journey of  countless infinite barakat made us live our mission and vision into reality.

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