Art Fest

Section: Primary and Secondary (Std I to X)

Date:  17/08/19

Day:  Saturday

Time: 8:00 am to 11:30 am.

Venue:  MSB Educational Institute

Objective: To enhance students’ knowledge about Art and Design and showcase their creative and innovative skills.


Topics were declared a week before the Art fest to the students. All information and requirements were instructed to them.

The Art fest began with Dua and subsequently all students assembled class wise with their class teachers in the allotted area. Drawing sheets were provided by school and students carried their own art requirements.

These “creative artists” played with their brushes and colors, expressing their imagination on paper for 90 minutes.

To judge  students’ creativity, judges were invited who were experts in the field of art.

Art to School

·To add more colors to the fest, a “Live Painting” demonstration was arranged.

· Mr Venkatesh Rao -an engineer by profession but a remarkable artist by passion, gave a demo of a live painting and interacted with students regarding his passion and art. He gave valuable tips to the students and cleared their doubts. Some of the tips were as follows:

ü One should have a clear perspective of the object/scenery, so that it gives the painting an appearance of depth and distance.

ü Practice makes a man perfect – we should make it our Motto and practice at least 2-3 hours daily.

ü It is imperative to have a good knowledge of colors and shades, for example Water colors while applying will look dark, but will lighten up as they dry.

ü Learning from our mistakes and not repeating them is the mantra for success.

ü Lots of patience is required to perfect your strokes, so patience is the key to success.

ü To sum it up, students learnt that becoming an artist ( or acquiring any skill for that matter ) is not a day’s job, one needs to be dedicated and devoted towards his/her work.

Finally the day ended with tones of vibrant colors with prize distribution.