Ashara Ohbat 1442

The Waaz Mubarak ( sermons ) of Asharah Mubarakah are an important and integral component of the curriculum at MSB Bangalore. The teachings delivered therein, help strengthen the belief of our students, positively nurture their character and prepare them to face the vagaries that life has to offer.

Ohbat ( Preparation ) For Al Ashara til Mubarakah is a prime activity in the calendar year at MSB Bangalore. This preparation consists of a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities spread across the school phases and classes and commences a few months before the days of Asharah Mubarakah.

The objective is to ensure that students are well prepared for those auspicious days spiritually, mentally and physically and derive maximum barakaah when while attending the Waaz Mubarak.

This year, notwithstanding limitations placed by Online classes,a plethora of activities were conducted in this regard. This was solely due to the benign Nazaraat of Aqa Maula Syedna Ali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS and His Dua Mubarak.

A few are mentioned below.

1. Daily 1000 tasbeeh of Ya Husain ( Conducted during the morning Dua ).

2. Recitation of the Shahadah of Al Imam al Husain A S and the Ahle Bait RA. Recitation was done by students in Arabic, Lisanud Dawat and English.

3. Daily recitation of Marasi Mubarakah during the dua by students.

4. A workshop exclusively to train students for Zikre Husain and to understand the nuances of proper recitation and taking care of one’s voice.

5. Cross curricular linking of all DI lessons with the History and Important events of Karbala and the Shahadat of Al Imam Al Husain A S.

6. Art and Design activities, creating Tugras, Posters, Cards and Calendars to prepare a home environment conducive to the Waaz Mubarak.

7. Daily Istibsaar / reflection sessions on the Waaz Mubarak where important points from the Waaz Mubarak were recapped and students reflected on teachings from them.

8. Multitude activities conducted at the Pre-Primary level, conducive to their age group which prepared the students for these auspicious days.

MSB Bangalore endeavours to prepare its students for every important facet of life, imparting teaching which can be applied in real life situations. We pray that Allah grant us the strength and conviction to do to same with the Wasila of Aqa Maula TUS

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