Bangalore Civic Fest

Bangalore Civic  Fest

“Active citizenship education seeks to deeply embed skills and competencies of systems thinking, collaborative problem solving and civic leadership


   Students of Class VIII attended Bangalore Civic Fest organised by Janagraha  Centre for Citizenship and Democracy on 11th February 2020. The Fest brought together students from different schools to witness the spirit of sustainable citizenship through interactive sessions.

      It served an excellent platform for our students to meet and exchange ideas on how to tackle and resolve civic issues that is affecting our society and neighbourhood.

           Over 2000 students  were engaged in the civic problem solving process and set their journey towards active citizenship.

         Our students were a  part of experiential activities such as composting, fire safety and security, wealth out waste, board games, photo booths and jigsaw puzzles.

      The highlight of the event was that Janaagraha had organised the “I Change My City  Challenge – 2019” between August 2019 to December 2019, where students studying in Classes VI to XII from across India have submitted innovative implementable solutions to civic issues affecting their neighbourhood. Twenty-Five teams were shortlisted and got a chance to present their ideas at the Civic Fest.

       From developing alternative fuel for vehicles to presenting ideas to tackle issues like oil spill, lake pollutions, and bullying, young teens representing various schools from across the country.

     The students had a great learning and enriching experience by attending the fest. They were inspired by the work displayed by other students and looked forward to be a part of this great event as a presenters of “I Change My City  Challenge”.