Children's Day Celebration - Secondary


In a bid to give wings to children to pursue their dreams and bring out their hidden talents, MSB Educational Institute organized the 'Talent hunt' on the special occasion of children's day. 

All students from class 5 to 10 got an opportunity to participate in the event and to display  their talent in front of their peers.
The students participated enthusiastically in this event and displayed their talents magnificently. 
It was indeed an ecstatic experience for children to see their friends showcasing their uniqueness and were awed by their exemplary performances.

The talent hunt included enthusiastic and zealous performers displaying their multi faceted talent in various spheres like quilling, paper art, best out of waste, painting, sketching, cooking, baking, performing tricks, stand up comedy, displaying mimes, delivering speech, writing calligraphy, creating website, photography, soulful Quran, Madeh and poem recitations and spellbound band and piano performances 

It was one of a kind event which brought to the forefront the saying that each and every child is born with a unique and special talent. We just need to give them an opportunity to explore it. With the Dua Mubarak of his holiness Syedna Aali Qadar Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS, this was possible and which was very evident in their performances. 

The student's were given plantable seed bookmarks with a message on it saying "why step in when you were born to stand out" as token of appreciation, motivating them to pursue their dreams! 

At the beginning of the event the student's also enjoyed a short video which highlighted  the importance of children's day and a short message from all teachers showing their feelings for their students, which inturn brought immense happiness to the children's faces.

Event Video