On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji and as per the directives of our Prime Minister to initiate awareness for Plastic free India, the students of Std V of MSB took the initiative to collect the plastic waste from various dumps near the vicinity of the school.


1. To raise awareness about health and hygiene.

2. To educate on the alternative solutions to avoid the use of plastic bag. Using reusable cloth bags for shopping.

3. To create public awareness on hazardous effects of plastic.


Students made Posters with Slogans depicting their views on curbing ‘SINGLE USE PLASTIC and “SAY NO TO PLASTIC”.


Students marched with the slogans such as “be fantastic don’t use plastic”, “ Plastic hatao bimariyan bhagao”, “ Swatantrata adhikar hai to swachata kartavya hai”, “ Recycle each and every day instead of throwing plastic away”, “Plastic ko nakahe ,swasthya ke khatro ko kam karo”.

Students along with their teachers cleaned the  school ground and the surrounding areas of the school.


Students also conducted a survey,the shopkeepers were made aware about the hazardous effect of plastics the shopkeepers pledged that they will not use plastics instead they will give cloth bags to their customers.


 The local public appreciated the efforts taken by our students and the drive was a great success.

This aim also corresponds to the Sustainable Development Goal number 14 ‘Life on Land’, Goal number 12 ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’ and Goal number 13 ‘Climate Action’.




Event Video