Edu Excellence - Public speaking competition

Students of MSB had participated in an online Public speaking competition conducted  by Edu Excellence. 

More than 34 children had participated in this event with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. They had to register for the competition and send their videos to qualify for the final event. There were three categories according to the classes under which the students could participate. Topics were allotted according to the categories.


Category A (Grades 3,4 and 5)

My best friend.

My dream vacation.

My greatest fear.

The vegetable I hate the most.


Category B (Grades 6,7 and 8)

My Aim In Life.

My One Role Model.

Ban Firecracker During Diwali.

My Top Three Wishes.


Category C (Grades 9,10, 11 and 12)

If I Were The Prime Minister of India For One Day.

True Wisdom Comes From Experience.

The Title of My Autobiography

My One Advise To My Siblings.


By participating in this event children appreciated the importance of public speaking,  and how to speak with confidence and clarity on a given topic.  

Our students' efforts and participation were recognised as  top performers received an access pass to the International Conference, Educarnival-2020, organized by IIT Delhi.

The toppers names are as follows

Yusuf Shakir 

 Aliasgar Shk Mufaddal Bhai Shakir 

 Arva Arviwala 

MSB is proud and congratulates each and every student who has participated in this event. 


Event Video