English Elocution

The Primary Section conducted the English Elocution for Classes 1 to 4, on 6th March, 2019. This program is an attempt to promote English speaking skills, in terms of pronunciation, delivery, and voice modulation, and to develop English in its spoken form. The theme was SEASONS, depicting summer, winter, monsoon, spring and autumn.

Each class had different performances:

Std I Recitation on seasons.

Std II Spoke a few lines with things associated with the seasons and carried props.

Std III Had a skit depicting which is the best season.

Std IV: Gave facts about the season.

The complete show was hosted by students of Std IV with fun-filled one liners in between. All the students were well prepared with their entry and exit on stage and handled themselves confidently without intervention of any teachers.

All parents were invited to witness the show. The highlight of the show was the 3D experience for the audience which was an innovative element wherein flowers, dry leaves, snow spray, sprinkles of water and paper fans were showered on them from above which was a pleasant and an unexpected surprise to give them the feeling of that particular season during the show.

All the students participated enthusiastically and confidently showcasing brilliant fluency in English with appropriate body language.This year too, several children gave in their names as participants, which resulted in a keenly contested audition round. The poems selected were varied and very enjoyable.

The afternoon began with an introduction to the judges, who were teachers from across the school. All the participants performed exceptionally well, winning accolades for their house. The competition gave a lot of encouragement and confidence to the performers and to all the students present there.

On completion of the last speaker, the judges were invited on stage to speak a few words of advice for improvement and of encouragement. The young and gifted orators had won the hearts of the judges, who were overwhelmed by their oratory skills and preparation. This was followed by the announcing of the winners, amidst thunderous applauding. The confidence, expression and talent of the young ones made the event truly memorable.

The competition was divided into 2 categories: one for Classes 1 and 2, and the 2nd round was for Classes 3 and 4. Each House had 2 representatives, in each category. The competition was presented by our Cub Captains, who were confident and well-poised, as they conducted the proceedings of the competition