Excellencia Literary Festival

Competitions play a role in motivating students to perform and excel and offer a reward far greater than just the winning prize. They offer a chance for participants to receive exposure, experience, showcase skills, analyse and evaluate outcomes and uncover personal aptitude. They also encourage students to innovate and develop their own ideas and skills.

Gopalan International School invited our students, from Pre-first to Class 10,  to participate in their Literary Festival, an inter-school literary festival on 7th and 8th September 2020

The tiny tots of Pre-first got the opportunity to participate in 3 categories:- 

  • Super Tales: in this category the child had to become and enact a  character, Mohammed Kapasi became a Genie and was even qualified to the finals. Nafisa Kamus enacted Elsa from Frozen.

  • Rhymes and Rhythm: the participants were Batul Hajee and Mohammed Versila, they recited the rhymes with rhythm and action.

  • Pick and Speak: the Participants were Mohammed Izzy who spoke about his “Favourite Toy” and Burhanuddin Quiolonwala spoke about his “Favourite Food”.

The Primary section children got the opportunity to prove their mettle by participating in the following categories:-

  • Enact and Narrate- in this category, the participants Sakina Lodhgar (class I) and Batul Jimmy (class II) presented themselves as ‘Thumbelina’ and ‘Dora’ and narrated a story. Sakina Lodhgar progressed ahead and  gave a live performance of Portia from William Shakespeare’s play. 

  • Extempore- Mohammed Shakir (class III) and Miqdad Raj (class IV) took part in this event.

Miqdad Raj secured the third position amongst 109 competitors which was a proud moment for MSB.

  • Spellathon, the participants were Burhanuddin Godhrawala, Burhanuddin Roopawala, Abdulla Amjherawala and Mariyah Saifee from (classes I, II, III & IV) respectively.  

There were various Competitions for the Middle Schoolers 

  • We had Zahra Saifee  ( Class V), who took part in 'Sell A Deal' creating an advert on the spot for ‘A Battery-less Cellphone

  • Aliasger Shakir and Nafisa Kamoos from Class 6 took part in ‘I Am The Change’, portraying characters ‘Dumbledore and Elizabeth Bennett’ and bringing them to life.

Insiyah Zariwala and Batul Miyajiwala took part in ‘Inflame- a Grammar and Literature Quiz’

  • Adnan Arviwala and Husain Chunawala from class VII represented our school as radio jockeys in ‘19 to Dozens- An Air Show based on the birth anniversary of William Shakespeare’.

        Our designers from class VII, Jumana Barodawala and 

         Insiyah Ghadiali, took part in ‘Nevertheless’, they got  

       creative designing a template for Pinochio and Nancy Drew.

  •  Last but not the least we had our book dragons Ammar Siamwala and Husain Poonawala, who took part in ‘Click Charade- The Book and Authors quiz’.

The most important thing our children learnt is that winning is not everything but one ought to participate, it is not to have conquered but fought well.


Event Video