Face Off

The English language is as fascinating as it is popular and obviously has its own history and quirks. 

Keeping this objective in mind MSB Bangalore conducted an Inter-house game show, ‘FACE OFF’ on 12th September 2020.

Children from class 5 to class 10 participated in this event. 

 This activity proved to be fun and interesting as the children got an insight and strengthened not only their grammar but also the other theoretical aspects of the language. 


A preliminary round was conducted to select the final participants for the event,  Six students from each house were selected to take part in literary rounds. The theme being harry potter we had rounds like 

  • Deathly Grammar

  • The Order Of Rhymes

  • The Prisoner Of Reading

  • The Philosopher’s Devices

  • The Goblet Of Words

  • The Chamber Of Phrases

The Participants of each house competed against each other on Nearpod and various buzzer rounds and at the end of each category, the two winners had to challenge each other for the final face-off. 


The children enjoyed the more entertaining side of the English language.