Family Quran Majeed Tilawat Program  (30 Zilqadatil Haram 1441H)

Al Madrasa tus Saifiyah Burhaniyah was established with the vision to teach and inculcate the knowledge of of Al Quran Al Kareem and educate its taalib e Ilm holistically, to perform the khidmat of Dai Zaman in the light of the Quran e Majeed.

     To achieve this vision, MSB Bangalore strives hard so that its students excel in the Tilawat and Hifz. Keeping this in mind , the Madrasah organized  an online “ Family Tilawat ul Quran Al Kareem Programme” on the 30th Zilqadatil Haram 1441H , 20th July 2020 where a Hadiyah of 2 Quran e Majeed Tilawat was presented in Hazarat Imamiyah Nooraniyah.

A report of the program was presented and Aqa Maula TUS bestowed his Tauqee Mubarak thereby showering barakaat on the institution and its students.

  Objectives of the Programme

  • To acquire the happiness of Aqa Maula tus.
  • To instill the habit of Daily Quran Tilawat in our students.
  • To emphasize the importance of regular and correct Quran Tilawat which is a vital step towards its memorization.



  • A promo video of this programme was designed and circulated amongst parents.
  • The programme was conducted through the Zoom platform.
  • Each student/teacher was assigned specific Pages of Tilawat Ajza and was instructed to do tilawat in Daur with family members.
  • Parents were instructed to capture one clear picture of the activity and upload it on the designated child’s Google Classroom Activity.
  • Every student was awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” for his/her participation in the Programme.
  • The students who did more than 2 Khatmul Quran and excelled in memorizing the maximum number of pages of Quran e Majeed  in the Month of Shahrullah il Moazzaz were also felicitated with Certificates of Appreciation and Recognition.
  • A Parents Feedback form was circulated at the closure of the programme to assess whether the objectives planned were accomplished.



  • Students of Msb Bangalore with their Family members (approximately 220 families)
  • Members of the Idaratul Madarasis Saifiyatil Burhaniyyah
  • Msb Bangalore Committee Members, Muraqebeen and teachers.

Note: The Programme Sheet, certificates designed and program photos are attached below.