Al Madrasa tus Saifiyah ul Burhaniyah has been established with a vision to disseminate the knowledge of Al Quran Al Kareem and educate its taalib e Ilm holistically, so that he/she can perform the khidmat of Dai az ZamanTUS under the radiant guidance of Al Quran Al Kareem.

 The syllabus of our Madrasah is designed in such a manner that the basic foundation is laid on the core principles of Al Quran Al Kareem. Each subject and concept is taught under the framework of Al Muntaliq Islami ( The Islamic standpoint ) in consonance with Uloom Quraniyah.

      In order to achieve this vision, MSB Bangalore strives so that its students excel in Taalim ul Quran Al Kareem and Hifz ul Quran il Kareem. With regards to this, the Madrasah organized a “ Family Tilawat ul Quran al Kareem Programme'' on 16th  Zilqadat il Haram 1441H , 25th June 2021, coincidentally the onset of the new academic year.

Two entire Quran e Majeed khatam tilawat completed jointly by all the participants were presented in the Hazarat Imamiyah Nooraniyah as a hadiyyah.

The programme was conducted on "Zoom". Two hundred and sixty families participated in this programme along-with our MSB committee members, Muraqebeen, Teachers and Muhaffezaat.

Students and Teachers were assigned specific pages for tilawah and were instructed to perfrom it in a "Daur" system with their family members. 

Students who completed more than two khatmul Quran in the month of Shahrullah il Moazzam were felicitated with certificates of appreciation and recognition. A “Tilawat Azam Card '' was shared with each student through Google Classroom.

  This programme aimed at acquiring the khushi mubarak of Aqa Maula Syedna Aali Wadr Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS  and instilling the habit of Tilawat ul Quran in our students. The programme created an ambience for tilawah and also warded off the negativity emanating from the prevailing pandemic. 

The programme was applauded by parents as a sterling initiative to encourage our students to do tilawah.