Farewell of students of Class X (2020-2021 batch)

The farewell for the students of Class (2020 – 2021 batch) was hosted on 10th July 2021 by their juniors who are currently studying in Class X. The juniors organised this farewell with enthusiasm and left their seniors nostalgic with the memories of their 13 years at MSB.  The theme of the farewell was FIRE AND ICE which depicted that they would ‘sparkle and shine’ throughout their lives.

The seniors reminisced the beautiful times they spent during their school years. They bonded together by playing various group games.

The entire journey of their school life with memorable highlights from sports,  field trips, excursions was shown as a video montage. Their joy knew no bounds when they received a surprise video message from one of their favourite Janabs.

The seniors presented a souvenir ‘a Nayaab Hadiya’ of photographs of all three Duat Mutlaqeen to the school. This would keep reminding us all that we will always thrive and flourish under the vision and guidance of the three Duat Mutlaqeen.

In the end, they were grateful to the school and were brimming with emotions as they remarked that this was not a goodbye but a start of a new chapter in their life, promises were made to always be connected with the school by being a part of the HSB.

Masool Janaab/Principal and Vice-Principal ma'am addressed the seniors and wished them the best for their upcoming exams and a bright and successful future. MSB Bangalore wishes all the students the best in all their future endeavours.