Fire Safety Awareness Activity

 Event: Fire Safety Awareness Activity (Karnataka Fire Department)

Section: Primary and Secondary (Std III to X)

Date:  28/08/19

Day:  Wednesday

Time: 10.30 Am to 11.45 AM

Venue:  MSB Educational Institute


Ø To create awareness about fire hazards

Ø To take precautions and avoid a fire

Ø To understand the role of the students and teachers when a fire is seen and be equipped to reduce the risk of destruction

Ø To reduce the risk to life and property

Ø To learn the use of fire safety devices.

Ø To be equipped to save oneself and others during fire hazards



·        District Fire safety Officer Mr. Sunil Kumar came with his staff from the fire station at Hulimavu along with a fire engine.

·        The DFO discussed with the students about types of fires, how to deal with a fire, ways to extinguish fires, the importance of being calm, helping oneself and lending a helping hand to others during a fire incident.

Students were educated about these topics through power point presentation, videos and discussion. They learnt about

Ø A, B , C and D types of fire.

Ø Different types of fire extinguishers used to extinguish fire

Ø Simple techniques used to extinguish fire

Ø How and whom to inform in case of a fire

Ø Precautionary measures to be taken to avoid fire.


·        After the discussion children were taken to the ground for a demo on extinguishing fire.

·        Fire was lit on petrol and the fire fighters demonstrated what happens if the right method of extinguishing fire is not adopted and also showed how the fire can be extinguished easily by following the right technique.

Students and staff tried their hand using the carbon dioxide type fire extinguisher and putting out a fire caused by petrol.

The most exciting part of the session was viewing the procedure of extinguishing fire using water from a fire engine. They saw the different types of jets pumping water in various patterns on the basis of intensity and height of the fire.


MSB Bangalore aims to instill a sense of responsibility, care and quick decision making in its students. Activities such as these promote the acquisition of such attributes, furthermore they help students appreciate the services provided by the civil defense for the safety of the community.

Event Video