Fun and Frolic with Fabulous Families - Nursery

The Tiny Tots of Nursery did the recap of their concept My Family and letter Ff through the event

"Fun and Frolic with Fabulous Families”.

  • The best thing about this event was the invitation was designed in the cute voices of our little ones which created excitement in our Nursery family.

•The show began with Tilawat –ul-Quran and the Aayat meaning was explained by children in Lisan and English which reflected the value 'Respecting  Our Parents'.

•Doing Salaam is the most important sign of showing respect so children did salaam to all their family members.

•Each family was introduced with an adjective Eg: jubilant Jhosawala, Adventurous Ajmerwal, which brought radiant glow on the faces of our families

•The father and the child together had to design a thank you card and present it to the mother

•The child had to speak lines for the father,

all these things delighted the fathers and mothers

•The children shared their favorite toy with their siblings to develop the habit of sharing.

•The cherry on the cake was the activity for the grandparents , they had to solve the online  puzzle

•Children relished the snacks with letter ‘Ff’

•Last but not the least all families were presented a thank you  card as a token of participation with their family photos on it.

Learning objectives of this activities were:-

  • Language and vocabulary
  • Social etiquettes
  • Life skills
  • Self confidence


Event Video