Guest Lecture on Statistics

MSB Bangalore, invited Mohammed Bhai Burhanpurwala, head of ITS since the last 16 years for a talk on Statistics for Class VIII students on 3rd August 2020. The main objective of this talk was to help students appreciate the use of Statistics in our day to day lives especially with the purview of ITS.

Mohammed bhai explained what type of data is collected for important miqaats such as Ashara Mubaraka. He briefed about the details that are collected right from the time of Fasal Mubarak till the time the person reaches the venue. He went on to explain how each aspect is well organized by grouping data in different categories and assigning khidmat guzars accordingly. Various things such as accommodation, mawaid, Travel, waaz and qadambosi passes are allocated on ITS based on data collected. At the end of the miqaat, reports are presented in hazrat Aaliyah of Aqa Maula (TUS) about how many mumineen scanned their ITS at centres all over the world. It was indeed fascinating to learn how meticulous the entire process is.

He presented some fun facts to students about the number of children named “Burhanuddin” in Bangalore which left them amazed as to how easy it was to make sense of data collected when it is well organized. At the end of the session, students understood how the concept in their textbooks is used in instances around them.