Hifzul Quran Awards

The core of MSB Bangalore revolves around the study of the Quran e Majeed and exploring its depths.

Tilawat and Memorization ( Hifz ) are integral to its curriculum.


Our students are working very hard to achieve progess in this regard and MSB Bangalore recognises and appreciates them.


We recently presented the students who achieved sanad's of different sanah (levels) from Mahad uz Zahra ( Al Jamea tus Saifiyah ) with Letters of Appreciation and awarded those students who memorised the highest number of pages in First Term in their respective Hifz Makaan (group) with Certificates of encouragement.


We have designed a Hifz Wall which displays the Top Achievers in Hifzul Quran and topics related to Quran al kareem like facts regarding Quranic Verses, Akhamul Tajweed, Makharijul Huruf etc.


We urge all our students to elevate themselves in Hifzul Quran and strive more harder to memorize and appreciate its beauty.


May Allah and His Wali Aqa Maula (tus) grant us strength to fullfill His Vision of "Har Ghar Ma Ek Hafiz".