Hifzul Quran Sanad Holder's Felicitation

Hifzul Quran Sanad Holder’s Felicitation

Acquiring knowledge in the light of the teachings of Al Quran ul Majeed is a core component of the curriculum taught at Al Madrasatus Saifiyatul Burhaniyah. Al Madrasa is striving meticulously to to give each student an oppourtunity for “tasmee” and support him/her in Hifzul Quran to achieve his/her prescribed Quran Nisaab by Idarah and to attain the pious vision of Aqa Maula Tus “Har Ghar ma Ek Hafiz”.

It also ensures that the students recite with the correct Ahkaam, Makharij according to the idarah  guidelines and also provide remedial support to students who are weak in tilawat.

 It is well said that “Appreciation is the best and highest form of motivation”, MSB Bangalore acknowledges and appreciates the commendable efforts of students in Hifzul Quran il Kareem. The students who have excelled in their respective Hifzul Quran Makaan and cleared ikhtebaar of sanah from Mahaduz Zahra  are awarded  with a letter of appreciation in each Academic term.

 MSB Bangalore awarded the students who had excelled and cleared ikhtebaar of any sanah from Mahaduz Zahra in the Academic year 1441-1442h on the auspicious night of Milaad Al Dai Ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.a,  20th  Rabiul Akhar 5th December 2020 on the hands of Janab Amil Saheb Shk Taher bhai Rasheed in Burhani Masjid  (Burhani Mohallah- Gottigere) and Janab Sh Abbas bhai Poonawala in Mohammedi Masjid (Saifee Mohallah- Jp Nagar). The photographs of the event are posted below. 

The sole motive of this appreciation was to appreciate the effort of the students and motivate them to be consistent and achieve more and also to motivate and encourage his/her peers to strive and compete diligently towards Hifzul Quran il Kareem as Allah Subhanahu States:- وفي ذلك فليتنافس المتنافسون"“  

(And for this mere purpose let the competitors Compete.)

We pray that our students continue to excel under the guidance and gaze of Aqa Maula TUS and continue their quest to live their lives in the light of the Quran e Majeed and its teachings.