HMUN India conference 2020 & IIMUN 2020

HMUN India conference 2020 

MSB Bangalore participated in the HMUN India conference for the third consecutive year. It has now transformed into a season where students eagerly wait for the celebration. This year the celebration with a difference, on virtual platform. MUNs have become an important activity for our students at school and outside. 2 students Husain Poonawala and Ammar Siamwala from class 8 participated in the four days Online HMUN India Conference held from 13th to 16th August 2020.  Both represented the committees WHO and UNEP and the countries INDIA and UNITED KINGDOM respectively.

Both were too excited and were thoroughly prepared for the conference. The first day began with the formal inaugural ceremony which was short and crisp. Our students were delighted to see the host Huzaifa bhai first on screen who welcomed all the delegates. The committee session 1 for the day began with GSLs, Ammar was the first delegate to give his GSL speech. he was recognized thrice by the chair and gave his opinions on Food security. Husain got the opportunity twice to express his views on AMR reflecting on his country’s stand. Delegates were briefed on the next day’s preparations by the Directors and Ads of their respective committees. Thus, the day ended with a lot of fun and takeaways.

From day 2, the sessions were very formal with moderated and unmoderated caucuses, passing motions on the assigned topics, forming blocs and drafting resolutions. The delegates rose as diplomats discussing, debating, negotiating and convincing others to comply with them. Ammar was very delighted when his bloc won as they had come up with pragmatic resolutions for the issue. To summarize the event, it was a great learning experience for our students as it educated them on public speaking, debate, problem-solving, persuasive writing, diplomacy and team work. A great platform to meet students from various parts of the country.

It is a great platform to our students which helps them to keep connected with the world and to sensitize on the issues that we are facing.


IIMUN 2020 

MUN is an interactive educational activity in which students simulate the workings of the UN or one of its many organs, agencies or affiliated bodies. Our students eagerly wait for such events.We participated in IIMUN (India’s International Movement to Unite Nations) last year. This Year the IIMUN conference was held from 14th August 2020 to 16th August 2020. Three  students, Taher Bharmal, Insiya Najmi, Jamila Sadriwala of grade 7 represented our school in the various committees.

The students experienced exhilarating sessions of debate and discussion on current topics such as Sports in the post-pandemic world, homeschooling versus brick mortar  system of schooling, The  three days sessions taught the students the art of political analysis and problem solving. The students learnt how to come to a consensus and recommend a solution for the agenda at the digital conference.

The conference  started with a short inaugural programme. The main conference started the next day with the flag hoisting as it happened to be Independence Day. Eminent guests were invited to share their experiences virtually and then the delegates were informed to join their respective committee rooms. The students were very excited about the session. Committee sessions started with delegates presenting their speakers list.The students were recognised several times by the chair. The day ended with lots of fun and knowledge. The chair gave the instructions to delegates about the next day.

Day 3 started with formal discussions of moderated and unmoderated caucus.  Finally, the resolutions were drafted after lots of discussions.The day ended with lots of learning.

 At this conference, the students learned about the importance of coming together to achieve a common goal in the true spirit of the United Nations. 

Event Video