HSB Session - Cryptocurrencies

MSB Bangalore, in collaboration with MSB Raipur, MSB Kolkata and MSB Rajkot organized an educational seminar for its alumni (HSB) students with the aim of keeping them connected to the institution and deriving benefit from it.

The seminar; aptly named, "In and Out" touched upon a hotly debated financial phenomenon; "Cryptocurrencies".

Like the peeling of an onion, the nuances of this phenomenon were peeled off and presented to the attendees. In addition to this, the alumni were presented with real-life lessons that can be inferred from the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon. These lessons touched the spiritual and moral facet of the life of a Mumin.


MSB Bangalore, along with its sister institutions aims to engage its students and HSB ( Alumni ) with learning experiences that enhance their knowledge of global phenomena yet remain firmly rooted in their moral and ethical principles when interacting with them.