Ibtidaul Quran il Kareem (MSB Bangalore)

The 27th of Shawwal ul Mukarram 1442 H, Monday was an auspicious day on many levels for MSB Bangalore wherein the young learners reached the pinnacle of their pre-primary school life.

This day marked the 300th Urs Mubarak of Hafizul Quran Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin QS. Coinciding with it was the first learning and instructional day for MSB Bangalore and an extremely special day for Darajah Awwalah. 

Come what may, be it good health or sickness, physical school or online sessions, learning never stops!.

These farzando studied the many huroof and eraab that adorn the Arabic language - the language of the Quran - through stories and activities. A lot of practice was put into getting them ready during the course of the entire academic year. The hard work bore fruit on the 27th of Shawwal when students received the sharaf of Ibtedaul Quran in the Hazrat of Aqa Maula TUS. 

For the first time ever, the many children of all the madaris imaniyyah came together in His prestigious Hazrat Mubarakah. This wish of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA was fulfilled on that day. 

All the three Masjids of Bangalore wafted with the aroma of the garlands that adorned our young learners.

Aqa Maula TUS bestowed farzando with the recitation of Suratul Fateha and a few verses from Suratul Baqarah.

He bestowed them with His duai kalemaat  repeatedly stating that " Khuda ghani barakat aape" 

We wish all the new Qurrah, Mubarak Mohanna for the deedar sharaf of Aqa Maula TUS and for witnessing the benevolence in His smile.

We encourage our young learners to recite well and perform Hifz in consonance with His happiness.

May Allah grant them strength in their tilawat, hifz and academic endeavours and may He grant Aqa Moula TUS a long life till the day of Qiyamat. Ameen.