‘Ii’ Day Class: L.K.G.

An introduction, formation, and identification of letter Ii was done through a talk show on letter “Ii” objects, wherein students wore headgear consisting of objects starting with the letter ‘Ii’ and orally presented lines on that object.

A fascinating story, about Iron Man who rescued letter ‘Ii’ objects was narrated and students were informed about the 2 sounds of the letter Ii, through this story.

An additional activity was conducted where 3 objects were hidden in the children’s room, with hints were given where they had to search the object and show it to the class.

The children differentiated various objects according to the 2 sounds of the letter Ii.

Hands-on activity of writing the letter ‘Ii’ with coloured ice cubes was also conducted. In the end, all the children relished yummy ice creams.

With this celebration, students learnt 2 different sounds of the letter ‘Ii’ and identified various objects related to it, and differentiated them according to their sound.