Incredible India - Stage Show

There is one place on the face of the Earth or under the sky where all the dreams of living men have found a home …where nationalistic fervor have bought unity in diversity and its none other than our Incredible India.
Being a part of this incredible country the yearly theme for Pre-Primary was Incredible India where in each month a state was introduced and activities related to the state was done.
Finally at the year-end a stage show 
" Idealistic Incredible India " 
was put up on 8th March 2019 on this theme where children spoke about the food, culture, tradition, famous places, historical places and special features of the state.
The little ones with their endearing attire and the innocent display of talent on the stage charming delivery of dialogue stole the hearts of our audience.
This miraculous achievement was possible due to nazarat and Tashreef Awri of our beloved Aqa Moula(TUS).