Independence Day Celebration at MSB Bangalore

MSB Educational Institute Bangalore celebrated the 73rd Independence day of India with unprecedented patriotic fervour on the 15th of August 2019. 


The celebrations began with a warm welcome of our honourable chief guest Shk Shabbir bhai Khumusi led by the MSB band.

Mustafa Maimoon of class 7 enthralled the campus with a beautiful tilawat from the Quran Majeed. The Tricolour was then hoisted by our honourable chief guest followed by the recitation of National Anthem.

The gamut of celebrations also consisted of: -


1.      Madeh recitation by the students of class 5


2.      A patriotic Nasheed recitation by the students class 7 that filled everyone with pure patriotism and instilled the feeling of duty towards the nation which is a principle of Islam.


 3.      Wonderful speeches throwing some light on the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters for making our nation independent, and how each one of us can contribute towards India's success.  The speech delivered in English and Hindi by Farida Totanwala and Mustafa Soni respectively. 


4. Speeches of our famous leaders were read out by the students of class 6.

The programme ended with the distribution of sweets.


The students of Std IV also presented a short programme at the Burhani Masjid premises to instill the value of patriotism. Respected Janab Amil Saheb Shk Taher Bhai Saheb Rasheed hoisted the tricolor Flag. Our students spoke on how we still adhere to the mottos laid down by our great freedom fighters and how we still work upon it as a law abiding and a dutiful citizen for the development of our country.


We hope this event instils patriotic fervour in our students and makes them responsible and dutiful citizens of India who are strong in their morals, values and attitudes..

Event Video