Innovative Reading Program

The ‘Sunshine Primary Club’ is an interesting and innovative audio-video reading program developed by the Scholastic publishing group. It aims at developing the reading skills of our enthusiastic young readers of the age group of 3 – 7 years. It has a variety of interesting and colourful books for varied age groups on different topics that would capture the interest of our little readers.

MSB Educational Institute – Bangalore enrolled our little avid readers of pre-primary and primary (Nursery to Grade 2) in this program to help them engage with audio- visual books and develop good fluency, enhance their reading skills, comprehension, vocabulary and develop fondness for reading.

The parent orientation of this program was held on 8th July, 21 by a "Sunshine" resource person.

Parents were briefed about the importance of strong reading skills at a young age, the software, and its salient features along with its user interface.

The Scholastic reading program is one of the leading educational programs, especially for online/virtual learning which will pave a strong foundation base for the young beginners at reading.