International Inter MSB Quran Tilawat Musabaqat- Hifzan and Tajweedan

Rasulullah SAW states, “Embellish the Quran with your voices, for there is nothing dearer to me than the melodious recitation of the Quran.”

 Acquiring knowledge in the light of the teachings of Al Quran ul Majeed is a core component of the curriculum taught at Al Madrasatus Saifiyatul Burhaniyah. To further encourage its continuous Tilawat  and Hifz, Idarah tul Madarisis Saifiyatil Burhaniyyah had organised an International Inter MSB Quran Tilawat Musabaqat- Hifzan and Tajweedan on Friday and Saturday night, 7th & 8th Rabiul  Awwal 1442h  where more than 110 participants from 25 MSB Centres Participated  and Competed to acquire khushi Mubarak of Aqa Maula Tus.

Formerly, Msb Bangalore had organised a Quran Competition where 133 students participated in 5 categories and the finals were conducted on the 3rd of October 2020. The winners in these categories represented MSB Bangalore at the Inter MSB Quran Musabaqat (Competition)  organised by the Idarah .

One student from MSB Bangalore, Mustafa Hatim bhai Maimoon (Class 8) stood First in the hifz category  (Juz 6 and Above - Sanat Ula wama fauqaha).

 This was due to the Dua of Aqa Maula TUS, the support from his Muraquibeen and the grit and determination showed by the student.

A short video details our journey to the finals.

This is a proud moment for Bangalore and its MSB

Aqa Maula tus graced the event with His Nazar Mubarak and bestowed his Dua Mubarak for the event and its participants.

We pray that our students continue to excel under the guidance and gaze of Aqa Maula TUS and continue their quest to live their lives in the light of the Quran e Majeed and its teachings.


Event Video