Introductory Session To The Business Mindedness Programme

‘Apan Bohra vaypari qaum che, vaypar develop karvu joiye, service che... barabar karo, magar service minded  na thai jao , business minded raho….’

Kalemaat Nooraniah Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin R.A.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Tough, global challenges await young people of today as they exit the classroom and enter the real world. It is therefore necessary to expose children to the concept of entrepreneurship from a very early age, which means that the school has a fundamental role to play in this task.

 Learning about entrepreneurship will help students gain a myriad of life skills such as collaborating and working with a team, speaking in public and preparing an effective presentation, collecting and analyzing data, using social media as an advocacy tool, using curiosity and creativity to find an innovative approach to difficult problems.                                                         

 An introduction to this programme was done by guest speaker Maria Ben Qubbawala. She is an entrepreneur, founder of “Plush Penchant”, and a content writer. This session turned out to be fruitful for our students as she explained who an entrepreneur is, what entrepreneurship is, and what to expect from the journey. Important tools to help young students along the way were also presented. The session was informative, lively and interactive. Our students understood the concept of entrepreneurship in a better manner with different activities conducted by the speaker.  

To conclude, the level of knowledge acquired by children increased after this session. This session was an attempt to fulfill the aim of instilling and developing important personal characteristics that will be crucial for those wishing to become entrepreneurs.