The activity “Kannada Utsava” was presented by the students of the Secondary section on July 28, 2021, Wednesday from 8:25 AM to 8:55 AM. The objective of this programme was to develop the skill of conversing fluently in Kannada, the official language of Karnataka. 

The programme started with an introduction by the Kannada language teacher, followed by visual presentations of various activities by the students.

Students of class V presented moral stories with props such as puppets, soft toys, flashcards and charts.

Students of class VI discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Online Education with related images.

Students of class VII showed their love towards the state by sharing information about the different districts of Karnataka with pictures.      

Students of class VIII exhibited their understanding of the language through proverbs and idioms.

Students of class IX shared information about Kannada poets and their books. The play by students of class X was a visual treat. Their involvement as the character of the play definitely sparked a thought in the viewers about the ways in which they can protect the environment. The program ended with the recitation of the state anthem.

The Principal/ Al Masool and the Vice Principal appreciated the confidence, fluency and presentation of the students. The importance of learning the language of the land they live in was also stressed upon.   

Event Video