Math Fiesta

The enthusiastic mathematical wizards of MSB Educational Institute, Bangalore celebrated Math Fiesta on 14th January, 2020. They got an opportunity to make and sell supercilious delicacies and delve into the world of Mathematics through fun and games. It was a day filled with fun and frolic and loads of hands on experiences on various Mathematical concepts like arithmetic operations, fractions, measurements, estimation, budgeting, algebra, mystical numbers and Geometry. They understood the calculation of Zakaat, Khumus and Vajebaat to be applied later in life.

They had a fun perspective and approach to Mathematical learning and got an exposure to indulge and explore the world of mathematics in a stimulating manner leaving behind the phobia of Maths.

The students learnt various concepts by playing games such as Mathical tree, Tables based games, addition/subtraction games, Rangometry, Maths and ladders, puzzle coaster, fraction fiesta board game, equivalent hopscotch, A-maze-ing equations, Mysterious triangles, Sudoku  which enhanced their cognitive and problem solving skills.

Moreover the students were given an opportunity to engage in an enterprise activity where they made mouth-watering delicacies and learnt how to calculate cost price, selling price, profit, profit percent and discount in an experiential manner. All the concepts of commercial arithmetic were highlighted through this activity. The exciting and engaging activity came to an end by giving lucky draw gifts.

Event Video