Maths Expo - 2020

National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on 22nd December to mark the birth anniversary of the Indian mathematical genius, Srinivasa Ramanujan. On this occasion, MSB Bangalore organized the Math Expo 2020 – An amalgamation of Mathematics and Art. As MSB values every child’s work, we ensured the participation of all the students from classes 1 through 10. The prime objective of this Expo was to give Maths another dimension and see the beauty of Mathematics unfold around us in every minute thing we do. The aim of the expo was to alleviate the fears of the students in the subject and make them more interested towards it by bringing about real life applications of Maths.

The following topics were presented by each class in the form of rhymes, skits, music, art and model making. The topics of the classes were as follows:

Class 1: 2D Shapes

Class 2: 3D Shapes

Class 3: Maths in Origami

Class 4: Maths in Nature

Class 5: Fraction Play

Class 6: Maths in Tessellations and Islamic Design

Class 7: Maths in Architecture

Class 8: Maths in Art

Class 9 and 10: Maths in Music

Class 9 and 10: Maths in Textiles and Fashion.

Students presented the topics given with utmost confidence and their enthusiasm was evident. The expo was given a unique virtual flavor with the use of technology to ensure that the students do not miss out on their learning even during these challenging times.

Event Video