HOME SCIENCE  ACTIVITY                             

Home science enables you with skills to lead a well-balanced life. The study of Home Science familiarizes us with the household problems and the ways to solve them. You learn various skills to manage your home chores like personal grooming, cooking, clothing, first aid, housekeeping, hand embroidery, etc..

Notwithstanding the lockdown, we at MSB conducted this important activity through a virtual platform on the auspicious occasion of Milad e Dai Zamaan AS

Topics were given to the students a week before for keeping things ready and students were encouraged to practice particular tasks.

The topics given for the following classes are mentioned below:-

V: Pencil pouch making

VI: (Boys)Washing and starching of topi

     (Girls) Applique motif

VII: (Boys) Cooking without fire: Sandwich

       (Girls) Hand embroidery on a given flower bunch

VIII: (Boys) Designing Kurta Saya on a particular pattern

       (Girls) Designing Jamea pattern rida

IX: (Boys) Cooking Sheera

      (Girls) Cooking Thuli

X:(Boys) Preparing Lacha paratha

    (Girls) Preparing Aloo paratha.

All the students from std V-X took part enthusiastically. Participants were given E certificates

MSB congratulates all  participants.