MSB Educational Institute organized the Fourth Mock Parliament Activity on December 13, 2019. Mock Parliaments are simulations of the Legislature, usually held as an educational tool to promote understanding of the working of a democratic country. It aimed at developing an insight into the working our Legislature and the responsibilities of the elected members. Prefacing the main activity was the Election week where students got an extended learning about the entire process of conducting Elections.

The week began with the announcement of Elections, Filing nominations, scrutiny of the Nomination papers, approval of Party names and symbols, canvassing, voting, announcement of the results, swearing and allotting portfolios. The highlight of the Elections was that EVM was introduced for the first time for polling. The newly elected members were then given the topics.

The topics are as follows:

  • Should Public Exams be conducted for class V and VII
  • # Air Emergency
  • Need for Global Investors to escalate Indian economy.
  • Rajya Sabha is all about Checks and Balances, not a secondary house.
  • The battle of Behemoths for E-Commerce crown- Amazon vs Ambani

On the final day, the elected Parliamentarians of MSB were prepared and discussed on the topics from both fronts Ruling and Opposition Party. Students voiced over the public issues and formed their opinion on them.

The speakers of the day were judged on these areas: Understanding the topic, Content, Rebuttal, use of facts and statistics, organization and respect for other team members. The Best Speaker of the Activity was announced. This activity helps our students shape their ideas into reality and flourish in their respective fields of interest. The students put everyone in amazement including the judges with their speaking skills.

Event Video