Mubarak Manzil Project- Lisan-ud-dawat (Std III)

Mubarak Manzil Project_ Lisanudawat- An Experiential learning Activity

Students of class 3 conducted an experiential learning activity in the form of a  project, they presented the different types of houses constructed by all living creatures from Ants to Human beings. 

The  minutest details of an ideal Mumin House were beautifully showcased in their models.
 The objectives of the learning activity were:- 
1)  Expressing the importance of a house as a basic need for all living beings.
2) Presenting the Mumin's Home as one of the centres of Taleem and Tarbiyat of a Mumin's child.
3) Detailing and explaining the components of an ideal Mumin House.

MSB Bangalore promotes hands on and experiential learning activities to instill concepts which remain with the learner for a long time.

Event Video