National Science Day - Primary

MSB Educational Institute celebrated National Science Day on 28th February, 2020 to commemorate the birth anniversary of great Indian Physicist and Nobel Laureate Dr CV Raman.

Science Explorium was organised in the school premises to promote experiential learning of the subject wherein students showcased static and working models for learning various scientific concepts. The objective was not only to inculcate a scientific attitude and research-mindedness but also to encourage the recycling and repurposing of materials to make children more environment sensitive and work towards pressing issues such as climate change and global warming. It engaged students in deep thinking and they showcased their talents of creativity and innovation by making models and conducting experiments which involved complex techniques of robotics, engineering and future ready technology.

Science Day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm throughout the school with 100% participation involving each and every student.

  • Pre-primary section students visited Bannerghatta National Park to understand the diversity of living world.
  • Primary section students presented various experiments, working models and DIY activities on topics such as properties of air, friction, energy and environmental pollution.
  • Secondary section students applied the scientific method which involves choosing a problem, conducting literary research, forming a hypothesis, observing, analyzing and finally testing the hypothesis.
  • The students presented some mind boggling experiments and objects involving complex and out of the box thinking capabilities which left the observers amazed.

Science Explorium provided opportunity to each and every individual student to realise their hidden potential and to conduct independent research to solve a problem.