Ohbat Majlis

Students from MSB Bangalore eagerly participated in all the events that were part of the two-month-long Ohbatul Asharatil Mubarakah activities held worldwide. Their intention was solely to partake the barakah of Zikre Imam il Husain AS, prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for the Ashara Mubarakah Ayyaam and obtain the happiness of His Dai Sayedna Aali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.


Various activities were conducted at different times during the school day and at various places inside and outside the school. The activities resulted in the acquisition of many skills apart from enhancing their knowledge about the Shahadat of Al-Imam al Husain A S.


Some of the activities included: -

1 – Activities that explained actions that promote or hinder Gam and Buka.

2 – Daily Ohbat Majalis during dua, where numerous students participated by:

A-     Reciting the Shahadat in Lisanud dawat and Lisane Arabi.

B-      Reciting Salaams and Matami Noha in front of all the students, this helped build fortitude in their personalities.      

C-      Linking their learning with the events of Karbala in the various subjects that they learnt on a daily basis.

D-     Art and Craft activities where they stencilled the name of Imam Husain A S to create tazyeen, that tazyeen has been used to beautify the School hall.

E-      AlM’araz (An exhibition on the concept of Ohbat and its activities). Students conducted and managed an exhibition at Burhani masjid with Al Madrasah Al Jamaliyah and spoke confidently in front of the many people who came to witness the exhibition.

F-      Preparation for the Inter-MSB Zakereen Musabaqat which will be held in the month of Safar ul Muzaffar.

We pray that our students apply their learning in the forthcoming Ashara Mubarakah Ayyaam and become an inspiration for other Mumineen during those auspicious days.