Online Classes

Online Classes Preparation

The start of the new academic year brought about a tremendous challenge. Something we hadn’t even heard of or thought about- Conduct school Online! The very thought of it was overwhelming and exciting at the same time. As always, MSB Bangalore stepped up to the challenge and started strategizing and planning months in advance.

    We set up an online task force of teachers known as the “Innovators in Online Teaching” who researched various technologies that would be suitable for our teaching learning process.  Various online interactive tools such as 

  • NearPod, 

  • Smart Suite, 

  • Jamboard, 

  • Padlet, 


  • Study ladder and many more were looked at in detail. 

    The pros and cons were discussed and suitable tools were picked up to be used. Many of our teachers took up Online teaching courses that were conducted by UTA, Trinity College, Google and others. During the short span of time the teachers of MSB Bangalore got more than 70 certifications and were well equipped with the latest technologies that would aid them in the online mode of teaching and learning. 

    With guidelines from Idara, we launched our classes on the Google Platform. Google classroom was chosen to be our primary mode of communication with the students. In house training of teachers was conducted for their proficiency in using the Google Platform such as Google Classroom and Google meet for conducting the online classes efficiently. The entire framework was prepared and hundreds of classes were created online, for each class and each subject right from pre-primary to Class 10. 

    The next challenge was how we would get our students comfortable with the major shift in their learning mode and schedule. The first step was to create email ids of all our students on the G Suite platform. Once that was done, all of them were added to the classes created. We prepared tutorial videos to guide them throughout the process. To our delight, our students picked up the new technology and the platform even quicker than we anticipated them to. 

After about two weeks, everything was well settled. We are proud to state that now, we not only conducted our daily lessons online using various technological aids but we are also able to conduct the following type of activities seamlessly.

  • Daily Dua

  • Class activities

  • Role plays

  • Fancy Dress

  • Events

  • Independence Day celebrations

  • Ashara Ohbat

  • Virtual field trips

  • Guest webinars.

All this was possible only with the immense hard work and research put in by our teachers; Cooperation and collaboration with parents and students. MSB Bangalore whole heartedly thanks everyone for their support and hopes to continue providing quality education partaking Khushi Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS).

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