Online Session on Eye Care

Online session on Eye care

Friday, 14th August 2020.

Presented by : HOS for the secondary section and Al Masool.

Senior Muraquib and the HOS for Primary Section 

      An online session on ‘Eye care’ was presented to the students and parents of classes I to X. The topic was chosen keeping the current scenario under consideration where the students are spending more time in front of the screen.

      In the beginning, the anatomy of eye was precisely explained with focus on importance of tears.  The reason for the development of Computer Vision Syndrome becoming common, the causes and symptoms of eye strain was talked about specifically. The session included the identification of the symptoms, the precautions and care to be taken to keep the eyes safe and strain free.  

 Various tips to prevent the occurrence of computer vision syndrome were highlighted which included, proper placing of screens, seating positions, measures to minimize glare. Simple exercises were suggested to enable tear production and activate the muscles in the eye.  

Importance was given to the nutrients to be included in the regular diet to keep eyes healthy. This session put emphasis on how tears play a vital role scientifically as well as the importance of shedding tears for Imam Hussain(A.S) by quoting what  Aqa Moula(T.U.S) always says ‘ek aanshu na badle aath jannat milse‘.

We pray to Allah to keep us healthy and safe under the cool shade of Aqa Maula Syedna Ali Qadr Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS.