Orientation 2021-2022

For this academic year the Orientation was split into two virtual sessions,  the 'Online Class Readiness Orientation' and  the 'Academic Orientation'.

The Online Class readiness orientation on 4th June 2021.

  • This session was conducted by the class teacher and the Muraquib/Muraquibah, in the Pre-Primary/Primary  section and by the class teachers in the Secondary Section. This session was exclusively conducted to discuss the online class rules and policies.  Parents were informed about the platform on which classes would be taken, the requirements for the online classes, which included comfortable seating arrangements, a reliable device with an internet connection, books and uniforms.

  • Teachers also communicated the importance of having cameras switched on during classes, regularity of attendance, timely submission of assignments and regular study habits. The need to see the corrected and returned work was emphasized as the analysis of the same and the remarks would help the child to progress. The prominence of having a curriculum with a blend of curricular and co-curricular activities and the need to attend them to gain an entire experience was underscored.

  • Parents of Nursery to class V were asked to be with their children, likewise parents of class VI to X were asked to monitor them during the classes, as leaving them independent might make them vulnerable to distractions. Students were asked to clarify their doubts in and after classes at appropriate times to master the concepts and also avoid being forced to take tuitions.  

  • Details were given related to the communication system from the school using Whatsapp and the MyClass Campus app, parents were asked to regularly check its different modules like the annual calendar, exam scheduler, and fee module. Important contact details were shared to make parents aware of whom to contact to get an immediate response.

  • Parents were informed that students should attend classes from Bangalore, leaves taken for travelling outside Bangalore during working days should be approved by the school, formative assessments / examinations must not be missed.

The Academic Orientation on 19th June 2021.

  • The Academic Orientation started on a common platform for parents of Nursery to X. This session was conducted by the Principal/Al Masool Shk. Mufaddal Shakir and the Vice Principal, Mrs. Munira Ahmed. During this session, the important policies of the school that should be followed were communicated.

  • Gratitude was expressed for the support received during the sudden shift to virtual classes and continued support was sought to bring about holistic development for the children.

  • The gist of the events planned by the Idarah to broaden the horizons of the children was highlighted. The advantages of participating in programs such as Future Sake, SmART Talent Hunt, Young Authors, were specified.The benefits of incorporating business-mindedness into the curriculum were highlighted.

  • An overview of the year round activities planned by the school was given. The importance of active participation in co-curricular activities to fuel learning by acquiring various skills was emphasized.

  • The introduction of the Scholastic reading programme and the benefits were mentioned.

  • The introduction of a student wellness program to cater to various dimensions of wellness, improving mental focus, decreasing stress and improving the academic success of students, with various activities that best fit students’ interests, abilities and values was put forth.


After this session, Parents joined the classes as per allotted timings given

  • During this session, the class teacher and Muraquib/Muraquibah provided an overview of all the subjects taught in that class, as well as critical concepts and subject-specific guidelines that are required to progress in the learning journey.

  • Details of the assessment pattern followed during the whole academic year were shared to give awareness of the system followed in marking and grading.

  • The importance of attendance, readiness for classes, home-learning to practice what students learn in class, submission and punctuality were also detailed.

  • Queries by the parents were addressed at the end of the session.

MSB Bangalore aims to strengthen the bond between the institution and all its stakeholders by conducting such interactions time after time.