Orientation Programme 2019-20

MSB  Orientation programme for Parents

MSB Parents’ Orientation programme for the academic year 2019- 20 was held on 20th July 2019, graced by the presence of Janab Amil Saheb, The Mushrif, members of the management committee and parents.

The programme started with an Ohbat majlis, followed by a report on the Ohbat Majalis conducted daily in the school and the preparation of the children for the same.

The keynote address was given by Al Masool in which he reinforced the vision of Aqa Maula tus for Al Madrasa tus Saifiyatul Burhaniyah and the mission of school to achieve it. The vision states that each child should be nurtured both academically and morally and the focus should not only be on academics but also on character building.  He also emphasized on the importance of a strong bonding between the school, student and the parent to achieve excellence in students.

A brief report of the achievements of the previous academic year and guidelines related to school policies were shared by the Vice Principal.

Leave Policy:

1.Absence of one or two days to be mentioned in school diary. If more than two days a leave application to be filled.

2.Compulsory attendance on the first day of school and after long holidays and last day of school before long holidays. Penalty shall be applicable for absentees.

3.Medical certificate required for leave of more than 3 days.

 4.Unplanned leaves  shall not be entertained.


  • Parents were asked to make paramount usage of the existing Communication channels like MSB Connect, Parent’s Handbook, students diary, SMS and Whatsapp.

MSB connect Programme:

  • Parents can walk in on first and third working Tuesdays of the month without any appointment at the allotted time.
  • Single point enquiry: for any academic queries related to classes Nursery to X, parents can contact Mrs. Neesha by making phone calls or whatsapp messages  between 4 to 5PM from Monday to Friday ( Mob. No: 9448647517). After review with the concerned staff, she will reply within 24 hours.
  • MSB School friends: The support of School friends towards the school during the previous academic year was appreciated. MSB looks forward for continued support from MSB school friends for the progress of school.


  • Introduction of new Channels like MSB Bangalore Website (www.msbbangalore.com) and Idara MSB Website (idaramsb.net/newidara) to showcase ongoing activities and announcements
  • Strengthening  the communication through Online feedback forms for academics
  • Digital Pictorial newsletter in  Primary section
  • Suggestion box will be introduced at School Entrance and Masjid Complex.



Events & Excursions:

  • HMUN (Hyderabad) from 15th -18th  Aug 2019
  • Zakereen & Zakeraat Musabaqat from 4-5th Oct
  • WIMUN (Geneva) from 28th Oct – 04th Nov 2019
  • Inter Madaris Home Science – 1st and 2nd November
  • MSB Interschool Sports from 6th-7th Jan 2020
  • Skiing Camp (Auli- Himachal Pradesh)from 11th – 20th Jan 2020
  • Karbala Najaf Ziyarat (dates to be finalised)
  • Hyderabad trip for Std III & IV (dates to be finalised)
  • Delhi/Agra trip for Std V to X (dates to be finalised)

New introduction:

  • Teach Next software installed in all the classes from Std I – X for sustainable, scalable, personalized quality education. Teach Next Content makes learning a joyful and meaningful experience for students.
  • Karate classes every Monday and Wednesday for all students of Primary section.


  • Active Participation in Inter school and Inter MSB Sports competitions
  • Sports Week

External Examinations :

  •  Encourage students to participate in External examinations like Olympiad, Spell Bee for students of  I - X

The distinct feature of this year’s orientation was the Kiosk presentation. Keeping the motto ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’, the theme of the presentation was ‘PUZZLES’. It represented how STUDENTS, PARENTS and TEACHERS are the different pieces of puzzles who work together to fulfil Maula tus’s vision for our school and children. Each process of the school works harmoniously towards the holistic development of the children, so that they turn out to be global citizens, ready to perform the khidmat of Maula tus.

The classrooms were converted into different kiosks showcasing the various activities of the school.  The parents visited the kiosks and got an insight into the planning for the current academic year and formats related to Hifzul Qur’an, the teaching learning processes of Dirasat Islamiyah and secular subjects, art and craft, home science, sports  and events that are incorporated to make the learning student centric, fun and learner friendly. Furthermore, the parents were briefed about the different disciplinary measures taken for developing the personality of the children.

Like the saying goes, ‘All is well, that ends well’, the programme ended with elated parents, who were pleased to know of all the efforts the school was putting in towards their children’s upbringing and education.