Parent Orientation Programme - MSB Bangalore 2020-21

Parent Orientation Programme - MSB Bangalore 2020-21

The current pandemic situation has brought revolution in our life styles and even our education system, therefore the orientation for the academic year 2020-21 was held on a virtual platform briefing the parents about how our children’s learning will continue without the pandemic hampering the educational growth.

The Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary sections welcomed its esteemed Parents and Students for the new Academic year with an Online orientation program held on 6th and 7th June 2020.

Screen time is definitely not advisable,

For our child’s health it’s detrimental.

But for the current situation this is supplemental,

Productive use of screen is now realizable.

Along with these lines, tips, guidelines, timeslots, do’s and don’ts for the virtual learning was shared with the parents seeking cooperation and support from them.


The objective of this program was to make learning comfortable and beneficial from home. During the meeting they were informed about the platform on which classes will be held, the time slots, online/offline classes, home assignments etc.

Importance of free play which cannot be missed during home learning and how simple activities plays a vital role in overall development of children was discussed during the Pre-Primary orientation.


The parents were given some very important tips as to how they could help their wards in the following areas:

  • Mandatory attendance, as online classes would not be repeated when the school reopens.
  • Offline subjects like P.T, Art & Craft, G.K & Home Science to be conducted once a week and assignments will be uploaded as per the assignment time table that needs to be completed by the students on timely basis.
  • Preparation required for online classes.
  • Importance of 10-minute break.
  • Help their wards with technical glitch and academics
  • Precautionary Measures regarding eye care were discussed like distance to be maintained between the child and screen, regular washing of eyes after each class etc.


Contact details of IT in-charge, admin and teachers were shared to address issues or queries related to online classes or difficulty with any home learning tasks.


Overall, this virtual interaction between the teachers and parents provided an opportunity for the parents to clear their doubts and anxiety related to E-learning and helped the teachers gain confidence to start their journey towards this new experience of teaching.

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