Pre-Primary events

 Event - A leisurely walk in the Garden

Class - Nursery

Date- 12th August 2020

The little buds of nursery presented a virtual talk show on the concept Garden. The name of the show was A Leisurely Walk in the Garden. 

A spin wheel was used to draw lots for the students to talk.

 The objective of the event was  the development of vocabulary,  boosting of the memory , building confidence of the students and the recapitulation of the concept. In this new normal where kids are away from hands on learning, this show gave them  a chance to experience different elements of a garden as they carried a prop for the same. Overall it was a great experience for the students to showcase and build their communication skills. 


Event -  Show & Talk

Class- LKG

Date- 10th August 2020

Teaching the tiny ones in these difficult times was a task in itself, but with the dua Mubarak of Aali Qadr Moula TUS, we overcame all challenges such as government regulations, excessive screen time,etc.,  and today not only our classes are going impeccably well but the little ones are also engaging virtually with utmost enthusiasm, and this shows that they are not missing much of the traditional classes.

The concepts taught for the month of June and July were reinforced by a virtual TALK SHOW on ‘INDOOR AND OUTDOOR GAMES and GROWTH OF A PLANT’. 

The little ones, dressed as sportsmen and carrying a prop, spoke their lines meticulously. This event helped in both language , vocabulary development and boosted their confidence. 

Event - Green Paradise

Class - Pre-First

Date - 9th August 2020

The concept for the month of July was "Plants and Trees". To teach this activity based topic on a virtual platform was crucial, as it involves loads of hands on activities such as touching the plant, plucking dried leaves and flowers, digging the soil, sowing a seed, planting a tree, watering the plants, swinging on the branches, climbing the trunk, rolling on the grass, hugging the tree, tying a friendship band to the plant and many more to list, but with our limitation, we accomplished the learning about plants and trees.

The culmination of this realistic topic was done through the Green Paradise Show where children of Pre First  shared all their learning with our audience in a very ingenious and pioneering way indeed on the virtual platform.

They spoke about different parts of the plant, seed, root, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits, stages of growth and about numerous uses of tree. The most commendable element about our MSB Institute is to preach knowledge in consonance of Islamic outlook. Hence the show ended with the enlightening zikar of Umme Mabad's  barakati tree, orchard of mumin Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin (RA) zikr, planting of 300 khajuri, the tree that lost its blossom due to long absence of Moulana Ali (AS) and Imam Hussain shahadat.