From Roots to Fruits and Veggies - LKG

From Roots to Fruits and Veggies

LKG conducted a fun filled online program on Fruits and Vegetables on  7th October 2020. 

This programme aimed at the language and vocabulary development of our little ones. It gave them the confidence to speak and express themselves clearly. 

The whole month the children learnt about fruits and vegetables and did many hands-on activities on it like: washing, peeling, using the waste of fruits and veggies, creating a picture, painting. The children understood that eating the veggies on daily basis made us strong, and they should avoid food wastage.

The wrap up of it was done through presenting a program From Roots to Fruits and Veggies, Which included Activities such as 

  • Clearly Confused- The Child was given a puzzle to solve and the solved puzzle was decoded by the parent and the child had to draw the decoded fruit or vegetable on a paper and flash it.

  • Alone Together-The child had to talk on fruits and veggies allotted to them. 

  • Open Secret-The name of fruits and vegetables were called out and the child had to cancel the ones called out on the given paper and finish the three lines. 

  • Known Secret- In this round, the question was flashed on screen the child had to buzz and answer it.

These activities helped the child to recapitulate the concept and share their learnings. MSB  strives that every knowledge given conjoins with Muntalakul Islaam, and this was evident when the children stated from the bayan on fruits and vegetables from the Quran as well.

Event Video