“Empathy makes you a better Innovator”

It was a moment of pride when the results were declared and we bagged the third position.

Students of Class VII attended SKEI TECHNOTSAV on 28 February, 2020(National Science day) organized by Smt Kamalabai Educational Institute.  

Technotsav gave a lot of exposure to our students where 19 students participated in a workshop and a team of four students participated in a model making competition. MSB students were one of the teams amongst the 14 teams from different schools of Bangalore.

    It served an excellent opportunity for our student as this competition aimed to inspire students with elements of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Students from different schools participated in this brainstorming activity that served a platform to showcase their creative ideas to resolve day to day issues. Our students had to compete with schools which had exposure to tinkering labs and robotics.

     Students were given problem statements under different themes like environment, transportation, healthcare and renewable energy. The project had to be done at the event. MSB students chose ENVIRONMENT as their theme and their model was based on the principle of 5 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Restore and Revive. They made a model of a helicopter completely out of waste.  They formulated their ideas into a project with the ultimate aim of providing this model to the underprivileged children thereby bringing smiles on their faces. The judges were very much impressed by the concept behind the model and inquired them about their motive.

Judges personally told students that this model could be further taken as a product and sold in market, as it is not just a model but it also had sense of empathy combined with it.