TEHNIYAT CARD MAKING                  

A Tehniyat card making activity was conducted on the 2nd of December, 2020.

The children wished Milad Mubarak to our beloved Aqa Moula by making cards, each card was creative and unique.

Children made the card under the guidance of Muraqebeen in the DI period. Topics were given in advance,        

Std 1 – Bewe Moula na naam Mubarak

Std 2 – Tasbeeh / Panjatan na namo

Std 3 – Safinah / Barkash

Std 4 -  Tashjeer / Baqah al –zahar

Children put on their creative hats and were all set with their craft tools for making their lovely cards. These cards were sent for araz in Hazrat Aliyah,  Aqa Maula TUS blessed the children and did Nazar on their cards.