The learning on travel to Egypt included the language, the culture, important places like the 5 Jawame, the Pyramids, the River Nile, etc. An introduction was done through the Egyptians in the class who had a talk with children in Arabic Then the children were taught a few words,  sentences and rhymes  in Arabic. Information on every topic was presented virtually.

To conclude the concept, a short program was done which had different activities related to the learnings like- children had to draw the wonder of the world which connects to a shape, telling one sentence or word or rhyme  in Arabic, making of River Nile using tissues and painting it, puzzle on Sphinx, tracing the pound with pencil and colouring of Javames.

The purpose of these activities was that the children  are aware of our important places in Misr and Qaherah  along with its food, currency and culture. 

Event Video