Umoor Taalimiya organised an interesting and engaging programme on career guidance, stress management and time management. The aim was to help the students of class 9th and 10th to understand and select their desired career in accordance with the Khushi and Raza Mubarak of Aqa Moula Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS).

The programme had interesting sessions conducted by

  1. Mrs Chaitra Narayanaswamy: A Professional counsellor and a HR professional and Career guidance expert.
  2. Mrs Farida Bharmal :Trained life skills coach and Graphologist  -Coping with Stress during exams .
  3. Mrs Sherebanu Maimoom - Brain gym and time table preparation.
  4. Mrs Fatemaben Shakir and Mr Abbas bhai Saifee- Importance of Raza during career selection.


The children as well as parents got an insight on what career to choose, how to choose it, the difference between aptitude and passion, etc. As the exams are nearing, the counsellors guided the children how to concentrate well and manage time effectively. Furthermore they shared techniques how to beat the stress and relax when the going gets tough.


  1. The cherry on the top was the Panel discussion with the  professionals in different field:
  • Taher Bhai Hamid (software developer).
  • HuzaifaBhai Roopawala(Aeronautics / Businessman).
  • FatemaBen Hamid (Textile and Designing).
  • Saifuddin Bhai Hararwala (Gym & Exercise).
  • Naqiya Ben Malkani (Photographer).
  • Fatema Ben Bharmal (Gaming tech)


The professionals shared their experiences after they gave their exams and the path they chose thereafter.