Workshop on Transactional Analysis

As part of the Idarah initiative on Innovative Teaching Strategies, MSB Bangalore conducted the Session on the concept of “Transactional Analysis” on 24-07-2021.

The two main concepts of ‘Hunger’s and ‘Strokes’ were dealt with interactively with live demos. Practical classroom scenarios were discussed where these concepts can be applied by teachers.

Teachers recollected the impact of their own teacher’s words on their lives. This formed the basis of how much a student’s life gets impacted just by the mere words/gestures of a teacher. Teachers practiced the concept of positive strokes by giving positive strokes to each other. This was the highlight of the session as it brought about a warm and fuzzy feeling in all.

Strokes in the online classroom scenario were practiced in the form of a role play by teachers of the three sections. The use of positive strokes and negative conditional strokes to transform a difficult situation was displayed tactfully by the teachers during the role play.

All the teachers were given a stroking profile for self-analysis to understand their stroking patterns. This stroking profile showed how teachers accept and give positive and negative strokes in their daily lives. The stroking profile was graphically represented to analyze the stroking pattern of the teachers.

At the end of the session, teachers were asked to discuss in their respective sections how these concepts of transactional analysis can be used to bring about a climate of innovation in the school. This workshop led teachers to introspect their behaviours and in turn gave pointers to establish a positive and nurturing interrelationship with the students.

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